A Citizen of Music

Do you want a little more culture in your life? Music lessons are a great way to start! Just like with good wine or coffee, the more you try and understand music, the better your palate becomes. At music lessons you will be able to taste test different varieties of music; from pop, to jazz, to musical theatre, to classical, you will have every opportunity to try something new and grow your understanding of what tastes good and what tastes bad. The best way to gain any in depth knowledge about something is to immerse yourself within that something, within that culture. Music is a language, so it’s important to be around people who speak it. At music lessons you will be immersed in the country of singing. You will join a community, a culture that speaks, studies, and lives voice! You will gain connections with lots of other musicians that could help you in your future endeavors. What’s so great about this country is that most people here are also just learning the basics of this language, so you will be able to grow with one another, as you’re becoming citizens. We will all start by learning words and music together; from there you’ll take the baby steps to where you’ll eventually be able to have full-fledged conversations! You will have expert translators who were born here, teachers that will show you how to make sense of everything and guide you through this new territory. It would be a terrible thing to go out into an unknown country without knowing how to communicate, how to convey what you’re wanting to say through inflection; at music lessons you will be well prepared for any performance, you will learn how to communicate this language of music with an audience, and communicate the way you want to, so that you’ll never be unprepared! Do you think you’re adventurous enough to take on a new country? Give Fox Music a call today so you can experience life to the fullest!