An Actively Fun Activity

Want an awesome activity that is the most fun hobby you could ever hope for? Look no further than singing lessons! At singing lessons you’ll enter a fun-filled environment, because what’s more fun than learning songs? You will learn from multiple different genre’s, from jazz to classical, from musical theatre to pop, any which way you’ll have a blast learning these different styles! At singing lessons at Fox Music you will get an array of teachers with different styles of approaching the same material. They will instruct you on your particular voice, and how to make it better! A better voice always starts upon the same foundation. People don’t realize this, because they think that what you’ve got is what you’ve got and you can’t do anything about it to improve! That simply isn’t true. The foundation that I am talking about all has to do with exercising. Exercising your voice is essential to getting a better voice. Learning to exercise right is even more important, because your voice is muscle and muscle can be strained if you exercise it too much. It also can be under exercised, and if that is what happens, then you won’t see growth! The key to exercise is the balance between the two, which exactly parallels my next point: the balance between the two muscles. Yes, that’s right, your voice isn’t just one muscle, but two muscles. The key to developing your voice in a way that’s beneficial in every area is balancing out each of these muscles equally. If one side is stronger, then it would be like only using one arm for something heavy that really needs two, if you try and do this then your arm muscles can be in some serious trouble! Your voice works exactly the same way. All this to say, through singing lessons, you won’t only learn songs and become familiar with a variety of genres, and have fun while doing it, but you will gain more understanding and grow your muscles in a way that will produce a more beautiful tone! Who doesn’t want that? Sign up for singing lessons today!