Breath Control and Efficiency in Singing Lessons

Singing lessons can aid in the efficiency of your voice! The way that tone is created is by the vocal folds coming together as air flows between them. The vibration of the vocal folds is what creates the sound that we hear. You can hear an efficient tone because it does not waste any breath at all and it also produces a strong sound! An inefficient tone wastes a lot of the airflow and you will hear and breathy and airy sound. Sometimes people don’t quite understand what “breath control” truly is. They have been taught that learning to let air in and out in a specific way will give them the control they need to hold out their notes for a long time. So instead of getting rid of tension in singing lessons through abdominal breathing, they end up trying to manipulate their abdominal muscles to regulate their own breath. This is a normal misunderstanding. In all actuality, being able to hold out your notes for a long time comes from your vocal folds being able to produce sound using as little air as possible. The ability to do this only happens over time, as it is a muscular strength! Have you ever taken a magnifying glass outside in the bright sunlight and adjusted the focus trying to light a leaf on fire? If you hold the glass too far from the ground you lose focus, but if you you hold the glass too close to the ground the same thing happens! To get the most intense amount of light, the distance from the ground has to be just right. This same idea works for efficiency in the voice. You are trying to get the most sound with the least amount of effort. This only happens with hard work and practice. Start your singing lessons today with Fox Music Voice Lessons Greenbrier in Chesapeake, and see your efficiency grow by the day!