PrivateLessons FoxMusicVB 280x190 Voice Lessons: Find A Teacher That Understands Vocal Pedagogy

When you’re picking out a teacher for voice lessons just like any new thing, you know that ideally you’d want the best, and the one that would last the longest. Whether it’s a new phone or a new car, you want something that is in the best shape possible that you won’t have to replace. […]

Fox2 Hero 280x190 Turn Your Thoughts Into Reality With Singing Lessons

When you think about starting up singing lessons, what are your first thoughts? Hopefully they are thoughts of excitement, learning, and growth! With singing lessons, you get to channel your own expression into your voice! You get to learn what you are truly capable of, and you find that there is always more to discover! […]

Fox music Chesapeake Voice Lessons 280x190 Opportunity At Your Door!

Opportunity is right around the corner! Life isn’t just a game of chance, or a board game with dice. It’s not just a luck of the draw kind of thing, it doesn’t just “happen”. Opportunity comes by putting yourself out there, by gaining a skill and pursuing what it is that you want to pursue; […]

Fox capturepage Teens2 280x190 YOU have the talent!

Most people think that singing is a talent that you have to be born with. Some think they will never be able to learn. they have the mind set, “You either have it or you don’t”. Thinking that way and feeling that way is normal, but those thoughts are FALSE! If you are dedicated and […]