Just like any sport, singing takes dedication, exercise, and the right coach to guide you along the way to stardom! Too many times there are “self-proclaimed” singers boasting in their good vocal technique, claiming their way is the right way to exercising their voice, adamant and even defensive at the suggestion that in fact they […]

When you first start coming to learn from your vocal coach, you may feel like you don’t have what it takes to reach your dreams and aspirations, but that is not the truth in the least bit! Growth is very important as you start your musical journey. When you hit a “wall” in your development, it […]

Do you think that your singing voice sounds too quiet? Do you get tired after singing a line in the car to your favorite tune on the radio? Is it nice and easy to sing at some parts of songs, but harder when it goes up high or maybe when it goes down low? If […]

Do you want a little more culture in your life? Music lessons are a great way to start! Just like with good wine or coffee, the more you try and understand music, the better your palate becomes. At music lessons you will be able to taste test different varieties of music; from pop, to jazz, […]