Best of Chesapeake e1502316487684 280x190 Vocal Coaches to Lean On

A vocal coach can add so much fun to your voice development! Sometimes, as we go through each stage of growth in our lives, we need someone to cheer us on, to tell us what to do, and to keep us looking towards the goal! What would happen if you woke up one morning and […]

Best of Chesapeake e1502316487684 280x190 Sing Your Way to Fox Music!

Singing is something that many people do to escape from reality or to get out certain emotions they are feeling. Singing can be comforting to anyone who enjoys it. Have you ever wanted to master the craft of singing? Have you ever thought exploring the world of technique would be fun? Well look no further, […]

Best of Chesapeake e1502316487684 280x190 Benefits of Singing Lessons for Young Musicians

Children’s singing lessons are an activity that will benefit your kids! When you first bring them to learn about their instruments, you might find that you see a new aspect of your little one come to life! You may see a sparkle in their eye! You may see them shine in a brand new way! They will learn all […]

Best of Chesapeake e1502316487684 280x190 Spice Up Your Life With Singing Lessons!

Are you feeling like you stuck in the same daily routine. You wake up in the morning have a coffee, go to work, come home, go to bed, and repeat? Spice things up in your life by tying something new and exciting. Singing lessons are the perfect hobby to add to your daily routine. There […]