Finding Your Sound

Finding your sound with singing lessons gets you excited and musically free! Choosing to look into your musical abilities can make it so that you expand your range, power, endurance, and overall capabilities! When you start singing lessons, one of the first things you will work on is getting your high notes and your low notes working. Whichever order you need to strengthen them in will be determined by your teacher and presented in a wonderful way! Once you get your range down, you will want to add fullness and power to your sound! You want to give your voice everything that you have, so that you can strengthen your muscles and get to your next step of endurance! Once you have the power in your voice that you need, you also will want to be able to sustain that power for a very long time. If your powerful sound goes in and out, you will not get a consistent tone and it will not sound the way that you want it to sound! You don’t want some notes to be big and powerful and some notes to be tiny and miniscule. In singing lessons, you learn how to get your instrument strong from start to finish! Have you ever heard a singer whose sound is very airy and breathy, and doesn’t have a whole lot of substance to it? That is usually because they are weak in the area of their voice that makes you sound powerful! Sometimes singers choose to have a small sound because it goes along with their style of music. In singing lessons, we always want you to sound the way you do because you are choosing to sound that way. We never want you to sound the way that you do because you don’t have anything else to give! Singing lessons at Fox Music are the way to go-start today!