Healthy Singing With Your Vocal Coach

Exploring your instrument can be a life changing experience. The best way to get your singing to its full potential and keeping it healthy is to have a well-educated and well-trained vocal coach Your singing instrument is yours. It is in your body and its one of a kind. You cant rent a different one or buy a new one when it breaks. So having a educated and trained vocal coach is the first step to success! Learning proper exercises and technique will create a solid foundation so your voice can grow. Learning from an uneducated teacher will not only set you back with your singing, but it will also lead to many vocal health issues in the future. Many popular singers today have vocal issues due to lack of good technique. The last thing you want to do as a singer is abuse your voice because of a teacher who doesn’t know how to properly show you the skills needed to promote vocal health. A vocal coach will show you the steps to take when starting to explore your singing voice. The first step to vocal health is learning about separation. Any educated voice teacher will show you proper exercises to strengthen both the chest voice (the lower part of you voice) and the head voice (the higher part of the voice, falsetto for men). Learning how to separate them both will create a balanced voice, which is the most important step into learning vocal health. Many people naturally have a stronger chest voice because that’s where many people talk within their voices. So they would need to make the head voice just as strong. Having a balanced voice is the best way to promote vocal health. Trust your instrument and trust your vocal coach to help you on the journey of a lifetime! Start today!