Opportunity At Your Door!

Opportunity is right around the corner! Life isn’t just a game of chance, or a board game with dice. It’s not just a luck of the draw kind of thing, it doesn’t just “happen”. Opportunity comes by putting yourself out there, by gaining a skill and pursuing what it is that you want to pursue; by gaining ties within the environment that you want to pursue. So many times when people watch professionals sing on the tv, or internet, or even hear them on the radio they think in their minds and say to their friends, “oh, I could do that!” They say this nonchalantly without realizing the steps it takes to get you there. What I mean is that it takes immersing yourself into the very culture of music that builds the real skill and connections that you need in order to succeed. If this sounds like you, then consider voice lessons! In voice lessons at Fox Music you will be immersed in the arts on a real level, gaining experience from voice teachers who know their craft and other students who are pursuing it. You will learn correct technique from dedicated teachers who know how to grow your individual voice. You will also be able to hone in the craft of singing and performing by performing in front of an audience. You will really get to workshop a piece until it’s in tip-top shape for an audition or performance outside of class. In singing lessons you will learn different styles of music and how to properly add technique and performance to each of those styles. In the end you will be so glad that you didn’t just wait for “chance”, but truly pursued the craft that you dreamed of pursuing! So what are you waiting for? Opportunity is right around the corner! Get started today by giving us a call at (757) 460-8332.