Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice, practice, practice! There are tons and tons of commercials that token the phrase, “It’s so easy; anyone can do it!” This may be true with the product in which they are selling or maybe it’s just good marketing, but when it comes to the voice it is only a half-truth. It’s true; you have everything that you need to in order to create a beautiful voice! You have the muscle, you have the breath, and you have the mind to understand how to exercise your voice; when only thinking about these things the phrase rings true, “anyone can sing”! However, there is another side to that: commitment to practice! Practice is one of the most important parts of singing. Without practice there is no change, and without change there is no fulfillment of your voices true potential! With that change there needs to be a concept shift as well – which you will learn all about in voice lessons. Let’s just say that you sing as you always have sung, and then you go home and practice the way you have always sung instead of the way you are shown in voice lessons, will you get any better? The answer is a confident and simple no. Everyone needs to learn how to exercise his or her own voice in a proper and efficient way. Without proper guidance in voice lessons you could go back right where you started! Who wants that? Lucky for you, getting a great voice teacher is your first step to learning how to practice in the effective way that you’re looking for! When you get a voice teacher they will hand pick exercises for your particular voice, so that you learn not to do too much, or not to do too little, but like the story of the three bears goes to do it “just right”. So what are you waiting for? Get started with voice lessons today, and learn the right way to practice!