Prepare Your Kids For The School Year!

With summer ending and the school year just starting up there’s no better way to round out your child’s education than with kids voice lessons! With school plays, choral auditions, and public speaking competitions coming your child’s way, music lessons will get your kid prepared to effectively accomplish a fantastic performance throughout the entirety of the school year. In voice lessons at Fox Music your kids will learn confidence that will bring them to a place of comfortability in front of a live audience, they will also be taught at their own pace,  which means we will be taking the baby steps necessary for your child’s own personal development,  so that they will eventually grow and grow as a public speaker, singer, and performer! Your child will learn performance skills, and how to communicate better with an audience. They will learn poetic phrasing, which means when and where to breath properly, so they can be easily understood without running out of breath. They will also learn how to enunciate in a clear and precise way, so that they can sing in an effectively towards and with their audience. The number one most important thing your child will learn is how to keep their voice healthy! Too many times children are abusing their voices at an early age from screaming their favorite songs on the radio, or because of improper vocal teaching altogether. This will lead to vocal abuse issues, which will deteriorate the voice, and also affect the beauty of their sound. If a voice is healthy it results in an automatic more beautiful sound! Everyone knows that the people with the best voices and stage presence get the best roles in the school plays, and make it into the best choral ensembles. So why not start preparing them sooner rather than later? Enroll your child in voice lessons today!