Something Everyone Can Enjoy

Singing is something that is so intrinsic to freedom and self-expression; it is one of those things that everyone and anyone can enjoy, no matter what. When approaching singing lessons the excuse of I’m too old or they’re too young often comes into play, but it is never too late or too early to start singing lessons! That being said, not only can anyone enjoy singing lessons, but did you know that you can get better at singing by exercising your voice? That’s right, singing is just like working out any other muscle! The reason you may think you’re “no good at it” is probably because your vocal muscles aren’t as strong as others. This may be because you’re a quiet person or you may be an overly loud person, or maybe you just didn’t grow up in a “musical family”. Why not start that tradition yourself? The reason I mention these extremes of too loud or too soft is because the best thing for your voice both in beauty and in vocal health is to balance out your muscles. Your voice, or vocal chords are made up of two muscles, and they have basic adjustments: high notes and low notes. If you are used to speaking more softly that will bring more high notes, and if you speak or sing too loudly that will help will lean your voice towards a more belty sound; but if one side of your voice is pushed too much without balancing it out with the other one, you may develop problems, such as pitch issues and even worse vocal abuse. With that being said once we work on balancing out those muscles equally they will become healthy, and a healthy voice automatically will give you a more beautiful sound! Enjoy music to the fullest! Get started with singing lessons at Fox Music today!