The Singer’s Handbook

Educate yourself by going to singing lessons at Fox Music! Too many times singers have problems with their voices because their lack of understanding in how the voice actually works. They get by on the praise of the audience and the smiles from their peers without any actual focus on the health of their instrument, and they suffer the consequences because of this. Vocal surgeries, lack of control, pitch, and range issues all come from one foundation thing: lack of vocal health. When I’m talking about vocal health I’m talking about many factors, but let’s start with the basic foundation for everything: balancing out your muscles. You will learn at Fox Music that your voice is actually living tissue, your vocal chords are actually two muscles, and these muscles have a shape they stretch to when singing using different parts or “registers” of your voice. The two most basic registers are called head voice, which brings you your high notes, and chest voice, which brings you your low notes. A lot of times because we don’t understand vocal health, we use the side of our voice that gives us the most instantaneous aesthetically pleasing satisfaction, rather than really working on our voice. This may work for a while, but using one side of your voice more than the other side can have serious consequences! What you’ll learn voice lessons at Fox Music is that if you’re only using one side of your voice that side will take on too much weight; it would be like a body builder who’s using one hand for a two-handed bench press, what do you think will happen? Strain, pain, and deterioration of that muscle! This is what eventually leads to the dreaded term for singers everywhere “Vocal Nodules”. Vocal nodules are little calluses that develop on parts of your vocal chords, which prohibit singing in certain places, and can lead to even worse problems if not corrected! Lucky for you, you never have to reach that point! Come to Fox Music now, so that you can become an educated singer!