Your Vocal Coach Is Here For You

Your vocal coach is here to teach you how to be a more confident you! Sometimes it is hard to put yourself out there. It is intimidating to try and give of yourself, especially if you’re not sure of exactly what you have! Your vocal coach will be there to point out the strengths that you have. They will help show you the beauty in your sound and the depth of your potential. They will let you experience the fullness of what your voice can really do in a way that you never knew was possible. Maybe you didn’t realize that you could hit those high notes! Maybe you never dreamed that those big and belty sounds could come from you! Maybe you were always told that you were “this” type of singer or “that” type of performer. Your vocal coach will show you the reality of your unique instrument! They will also show you areas that can be 10x stronger than you ever knew! Sometimes weakness in your voice comes from having weak muscles, and sometimes it comes from not understanding the best way to make the sound that you are after. When it comes to muscle weakness, there are specific exercises that can and will change the entire way that your muscles react to songs! They will start to respond to what you want them to do, and there will no longer be a gap between what you’re thinking and what your voice produces for you! If there is a conceptual issue in your development, your vocal coach is there to explain to you how to get your voice to the best place. They will explain it as many times and in as many ways as is necessary for you to understand! Sometimes we have all the muscle that we need and we just don’t understand how to make that muscle work! Your vocal coach is here for you; why don’t you start today?