Children’s Voice Lessons – Joy to Young Lives

Children’s voice lessons can bring joy to young lives! When you love music, it makes you feel a big need to be around it. In children’s voice lessons, everyone feels that way! They are seen as a joy and a chance to grow. Being with other people who love music as much as you do brings new friendships into your life. You will meet a lot of other people who have the same love for singing as you do. You will get to grow these friendships with your singing. You will look forward to seeing these people. You will learn different types of music together and talk to each other about what you are learning. You will cheer each other on. Your friends will be there for you when you have had a good day or a bad day. They will encourage you if you are afraid of performing in front of others. You will all be in the same place together and learning the same things together. In children’s voice lessons, you get the opportunity to see your growth. Part of that is by hearing it from your audience (your friends!) You will show one another how much you have grown when you perform in front of each other. Your teacher will guide you in how to get better and better. Your teacher will show you and your friends how to grow your vocal muscles in children’s voice lessons. You will be able to hit higher notes than ever before. You will be able to reach lower notes than ever before. You will notice that you are not afraid to try new things even if you used to be. You will see how your classmates are not as afraid of being in front of other people as well. Getting up in front of other people will not be such a big deal. You will be able to continue to try it until you are comfortable. You will not walk out of Fox Music the same way that you walked in!