Guitar lessons and choices

The beauty of taking guitar lessons at Fox Music of Virginia Beach is watching the array of choices that unfold themselves in front of you from the moment you start your journey as a guitarist! The second you pick up a guitar and begin to strum out a few chords, you begin to explore what sounds pair with what chords, and soon enough adapt your playing style as you transition the many skills you pick up at guitar lessons. You may find yourself being moved to start writing lyrics that are inspired by the infinite possible sounds that can be conveyed by your guitar, or vice versa. Through the skills that you learn in guitar lessons week after week from our wonderful, enthusiastic instructors, you will find that the sky is the limit when it comes to seeing where your creativity may go while on your journey towards becoming a master guitarist! Another one of the many options that can come from just simply picking up your guitar and beginning guitar lessons is you may feel moved to sing lyrics you wrote for your very own music. Becoming a singer/songwriter is just one of the many styles of playing that can you can pick up as a apprentice guitarist and practice week after week in guitar lessons. Fox Music also offers extensive voice lessons that can help you sound just as good as you play! Pairing these two beautiful instruments, both a guitar and your voice, can prove to be a great opportunity to express yourself as you work towards pursuing your passions of creating music. As you take guitar lessons or voice lessons you will find there are many tangents to explore along the way, and at Fox Music, we encourage you to find your right sound and style to help you become the musician you have always dreamed of being. So stop by Fox Music and get started with your guitar lessons today and begin your journey as a guitarist wherever it may take you!