Make Your Dreams A Reality With Voice Lessons

Do you ever catch yourself singing into your hairbrush and wishing you were on a stage performing? Why not make that wish come true! Voice lessons are exactly what you need to make that dream a reality. When you come to voice lessons at Fox Music, you will not only learn how to sing but how to perform! When learning how the voice naturally works, it can feel like a lot of important information at once! We break down the technical steps into levels so you can constantly be learning and working toward a new goal! A lot of people have the idea that singing is just something that happens when you open your mouth. That’s only one component! There are so many thinks that go along with just opening your mouth. You have to stand with good posture, you have to breathe correctly, you have to adjust your mouth positions and you have to make sure your muscles are relaxed and in the proper positions to start. When standing with good posture, you have to make sure certain body parts are in alignment to achieve the proper space so you can breathe correctly. When breathing correctly, the goal is to have maximum lung expansion so you can get the proper amount of air. There are specific mouth positions for different registers of the voice to aid the development of the vocal muscles. You also need to become aware of tension that happens throughout your body while singing and performing. We want to elevate as much unnecessary tension as possible while singing and performing. This may sound like a lot of important information, because it is, but we will guide you through each developmental stage! Every victory big or small, every hardship, and all of the things you will overcome will be celebrated! Don’t wait to learn how your voice works! Start now!