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Singing Stars

The Singing Stars programs at Fox Music provide children with quality musical education and opportunities for personal growth. Our voice lessons provide the crucial foundation for a strong vocal and performing future. Many of our adult students wish they had begun singing lessons when they were young, as it allows for more valuable time to practice, develop the voice, and build confidence singing in front of others. At Fox Music, we are committed to helping children feel confident, both in the studio, on stage, and in their futures.

There are numerous reasons that may prompt an interest in singing lessons, just as there is an incredible amount of positive outcomes that will come from the experience. Perhaps you are looking for an extracurricular activity to increase your child’s confidence. Or maybe you are looking for a way to develop leadership, listening and analytical skills. Many children request voice lessons themselves after seeing other children perform on television or in the theater. No matter the initial reason, the result will be astounding. The Fox Music Singing Stars programs are founded upon a focused curriculum that develops the voice and builds performance skills in a healthy and powerful way.

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