My daughter absolutely loves taking voice lessons at Fox Music

My daughter absolutely loves taking voice lessons at Fox Musi. She started taking voice lessons the end of September and she's learned so many things about singing in such a short time. Singing with her peers has built her courage and confidence, and she's over come her fear of speaking, reading and singing aloud to an audience.
I'm very pleased with all the staff and especially the voice instructors
Ms. Lenah and Ms. Hannah, they are both very patient, and kind hearted ladies and my daughter Lavia just adores them, and I know she'll be a student for as long as she wants.
The $$ is worth every penny to me, because it's so much more than voice lessons...
Thanks you Fox Music!

Alvia Johnson

Her passion for music has been ignited by Fox Music

My daughter has been with Fox Music for the past two years. Her confidence and self-esteem have blossomed as she has matured as a singer. Her passion for music has been ignited by Fox Music. She cannot wait for her voice lessons each week and she always comes home motivated and inspired to work on the advice and instruction she was given in class to continue to grow and improve as a musician. As a parent, there is no better gift than to see your child follow her dream and believe in herself. We are so happy we found Fox Music.

Julie Davidson

Wesley is a brilliant musician

Wesley is a brilliant musician with an enormous understanding of music theory and an amazing ability to play piano, drums, violin, and guitar. He is an articulate communicator, a patient teacher, and the consummate professional.

G.E. “Dwyn” Taylor II

A very nice clean studio

The teacher uses the proper method so the student really learns all about the technique for playing the piano. I have learned more in three months with Fox Music then all my previous teachers. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to learn piano, singing, or any musical instruments. It is a very nice clean studio with good equipment.

Rebecca Schamel

The lessons are awesome

My daughter has been taking guitar lessons with Wesley. She really likes to learn new things and says the lessons are awesome. She can already play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star after about a month and a half. Everyone is very nice at Fox Music.

Cheryl Driver

They are simply amazing!

I take guitar lessons with Fox Music and they are simply amazing!! Wes is a GREAT teacher and very encouraging! There is so much talent flowing throughout the students and teachers. It is a very welcoming environment! Definitely will be returning as well as signing my kids up for lessons!

Latoya Quarles

An Extraordinary Teacher

Mr. Fox is an extraordinary teacher and person. From the onset of my daughter's first lesson over three 3 years ago, there was no doubt we had discovered a pearl. Mr. Fox is not only a great teacher but he is a very nice and caring person. It has been a pleasure to see his business grow. I hope that more students can get an opportunity to grow from his experience and expertise.

I would strongly recommend Fox Music to anyone who is serious about enhancing their musical talent.

Tom Sawyer

He really knows his stuff

I am having a lot of fun learning to sing with Saul. He really knows his stuff ( Saul used to be an opera singer ) and his method of teaching is excellent. I was nervous during my first session with him, but he made me very comfortable and I have been making huge progress with my singing. I wasn't able to sing at all, and in just a couple of months I can now sing songs that I never imagined I would be able to sing.

I highly recommend Fox Music for anybody that wants to improve their voice or learn how to sing.

Alex Cancado

I highly recommend Saul Fox

I have been a vocal student of Saul Fox for about a year now. I thought I had a pretty good voice when I went to see him, but I soon realized I had not even scratched the surface of what was possible. Saul is one of the best teachers I've had in any discipline. He challenges you to work hard and go beyond what you think you are capable of doing. He is always positive and encouraging while making clear what areas need more work. Saul always knows what songs to teach you to complement your particular voice and maximize your strengths. Also, he provides opportunities to perform and develop your confidence in front of a live audience. If you have a desire to perform someday as a singer, I highly recommend you give Saul Fox a try.

Tracy Thomas

Excellent Opportunity to Work on her Performance Skills

My daughter started singing with Saul in January and we could not be more pleased with how he has helped her! We really appreciate that she is able to attend several group lessons (including a specific teen class) throughout the week, in addition to working with him during her private lessons twice a month. The group classes give her an excellent opportunity to work on her performance skills in front of a live audience and receive critiques in a non-judgmental atmosphere

Cyndi Kight

There's something for everyone at Fox Music

Not ever having had any formal voice training, I was unsure what to expect from voice lessons through Fox Music. Initially, I was skeptical, but after a few months of working with Saul, I can definitely tell a difference both in my singing and in my confidence in using my voice. With all the other music lessons being offered, I just might have to get some formal training in one of the instruments I play as well - there's something for everyone at Fox Music!

Dan Noffsinger

Professional Recommendation

Professional Recommendation

I have been a professional music educator for more than 30 years, with experience including elementary through university level, in addition to serving as the coordinator/supervisor for a staff of more than 150 music teachers in the Virginia Beach City Public Schools. I say without reservation that Mr. Saul Fox is one of the finest voice teachers I have known. He provides a clear course of study that will build the student's vocal mechanism and provide the student with a real understanding of how the voice functions. Mr. Fox's methods actually strengthen and improve the student's voice. His understanding of both the traditional as well as the pop voice is truly astounding. I heartily recommend Mr. Fox as a voice teacher for any student who is serious about improving his/her singing and understanding of the voice.

Steven Ambrose, D.M.E.,
Fine Arts Coordinator (retired), Virginia Beach City Public Schools

My Personal Experience

Personal Experience

My daughter and I go to New York regularly to see Broadway musicals and it has always been her dream to perform on Broadway someday. Virginia Beach isn't exactly New York City and I never thought I would find a teacher as fine as Saul to be my daughter's voice teacher. In one year's time, she went from being able to mostly sing in key to having a broad range, a booming beautiful voice and to be able to sing in different languages, including Italian and French.

In addition to weekly practices, the students also get chances to perform and my daughter has already been in three recitals and is getting ready for a competition and a fourth recital. This has given her the confidence she needed to audition for her school musical (as a ninth grader, it isn't easy to get a part in a high school musical featuring mostly 11th and 12th graders in good roles, but she did!)

If you are thinking of taking voice lessons or want them for your child, you should consider Saul. The first time we met with him, there was absolutely no pressure - you will never have the feeling that this is about money, but rather about a gift he is willing to share with his students and we do see this as a gift. My daughter absolutely loves coming to class every week, and Saul provides just the right balance of encouragement and tough love when needed. It is amazing to me how far she has come this past year and how much confidence this has given her at a time when she really needed it.

Cris Katogiritis

1st Class Instruction

1st Class Instruction

Two years ago, I was becoming frustrated because I was trying to find someone reputable to teach my daughter, Anna, voice instruction, yet everyone said she was too young. I found Saul Fox's website and gave him a call. That call was probably the best thing I could have done for my daughter in regards to her voice. Mr. Fox agreed to meet with us and try a lesson to see if it would be a good fit for both him and Anna. We've been seeing him weekly ever since.

When she first began lessons, Anna was singing every song on the radio. She had a good voice and loved singing along to Miley Cyrus and other pop stars. Mr. Fox has geared Anna away from that and is instead teaching her a classical style that has made all the difference in her voice. She has always had a great voice, but his way of teaching is giving her voice a quality she previously did not have. When she began lessons, she could not even squeak out high notes. Now, she belts them out with ease, and they sound beautiful.

With the instruction of Mr. Fox, Anna has learned techniques to give her voice a much broader range. She has learned how to read music and the terminology that goes along with it. She has learned about different composers and is currently learning to sing a second Italian opera! She loves singing in a foreign language and has taken it upon herself to translate the songs she has learned! His teachings are inspiring her to learn more about the music she sings.

Mr, Fox is a kind, patient, gifted teacher and teaches students in his home. He has a wonderful, supportive family who is also musically inclined. As a parent, it is very comfortable and reassuring that I am able to sit and quietly observe her lessons. I can keep up with her progress weekly. Anna records her lessons and practices at home daily. She loves showing family and friends the challenging songs she learns. Anna is 11-years-old and a sixth grader at Kemps Landing. She was just selected to sing with Virginia Beach's all-city chorus. Mr. Fox constantly tells her that if she keeps working hard and practicing daily, she will one day have a voice to be reckoned with, and he is right. And while she gets credit for the talent and hard work, Mr. Fox deserves tremendous accolades for helping her learn the techniques to train her voice to be what it is today.

Anna does have grandiose dreams of "making it big" in the music world, and I think she will someday do just that. She often says when she steps on stage and receives her first Grammy Award, Mr. Saul Fox will be the first person on her list to whom she says THANK YOU.

Thank you Mr. Fox!

Lisa Crain

A Positive Environment

A Positive Environment

I love taking lessons and feel very comfortable with Saul. The combination of his, gentle nature, welcoming personality, professional attitude and attention to detail is a gift to any student. Saul is very patient with me as a new student with no previous training. He is extremely encouraging in helping me overcome any feelings of self doubt and lack of confidence. I look forward to each lesson.

Janis Shipley

A Hidden Talent

A Hidden Talent

After a thirty year professional / military musical career traveling the world my wife and I located to Virginia Beach, VA. A professional colleague recommended Mr. Saul Fox. Frankly I was skeptical. There are many competent teachers but very few great ones. Saul Fox is simply a great teacher. Children, amateur, semi-professional, and professional musicians in my humble opinion cannot do any better. Why travel to New York City or Los Angeles when Mr. Saul Fox is right here?

John Moffett
Sergeant Major, United States Army, Ret.

A Great Teacher

Great Teacher

I have been a vocal student of Saul Fox for about a year now. I thought I had a pretty good voice when I went to see him, but I soon realized I had not even scratched the surface of what was possible. Saul is one of the best teachers I've had in any discipline. He challenges you to work hard and go beyond what you think you are capable of doing. He is always positive and encouraging while making clear what areas need more work. Saul always knows what songs to teach you to complement your particular voice and maximize your strengths. Also, he provides opportunities to perform and develop your confidence in front of a live audience. If you have a desire to perform someday as a singer, I highly recommend you give Saul Fox a try.

Andy Bishop

Improves Even Accomplished Vocalists

Improves Even Accomplished Vocalists

I found Saul Fox several years ago. My vocal career started as a child soloist in church, and later in the Duke University Chapel Choir. Then several decades elapsed (without time for music) before I retired and began to think of singing again. I wanted to sing "pop" songs, and was the vocalist for a local dance band for over a year. My wife and my ENT Physician thought I needed voice lessons (imagine that !). Thus, I sought vocal instruction. After being "fired" by two teachers, I stumbled upon Saul Fox. This was the luckiest day of my musical career. He was clearly the most knowledgeable, but also the most reasonable and most pleasant. He accepted the fact that I wanted to sing "pop" and did not try to force classical music on me -- but yet, suggested that classical vocal technique was valuable regardless of the type of music sung. This approach has been extremely helpful to me. And, most importantly, I have not been fired!

Mr. Fox also teaches piano for my 8 year old grandson, and has been amazing with him as well.

As a music teacher and as an individual, I would give Mr. Fox my highest recommendation. But Saul is not just a teacher. He is also a performer, with a marvelous tenor voice that is unparalleled in this part of the country.

Roger T. Gregory, MD

Helped My Singing

Helped My Singing

As a Speech-Language Pathologist, my role is to facilitate the improvement of communication skills. This role can span from treating patients with severe voice disorders to educating individuals on fundamental voice maintenance. Seeking to increase my knowledge of good vocal technique, I found a wonderful voice coach in Saul. During my time with him, he has patiently worked with me, taking into careful consideration my personal singing goals. He is incredibly knowledgeable and his love of teaching and music is readily apparent and makes learning fun. I consider myself privileged to be one of his students and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their vocal talent.

Gwyneth Reid MSEd., CCC-SLP

Helped me from Humble Roots

Helped me from Humble Roots

When I first found Saul, I knew absolutely nothing about singing, other than that I knew I needed help. I had recently become the lead singer in a hard rock band, but I knew if this was to last, I had some work to do. During my first lesson, I literally could not even match a pitch. I doubt that there is anyone who could start much closer to zero than I was, but I knew I wanted to improve. My initial plan was to take lessons for maybe six months, enough time to gain a basic idea of the fundamentals of proper singing. That was over seven years ago, and now not only am I still singing rock, but also performing classical arias in recitals. I will be the first to admit that this has not been the result of some unknown, hidden talent that was lurking deep in my unconscious. Rather, with the help of Saul, I have constantly worked hard and persisted to build my voice dramatically. It has not been easy, and there is still much progress to be made, but there is no doubt that Saul has given me the knowledge to improve by leaps and bounds.

There are those who may worry that a classically-minded training won't be right for them, that it will ruin them for singing pop or rock or something else. However, I can say that I have investigated vocal training across many spectrums, and even the most extreme vocal styles employ the basic tenets that Saul is using to teach his students. The fact of the matter is that the most research has gone into classical training, and, regardless of the genre, it offers the soundest and safest way to explore the full range of one's vocal abilities.

I will not lie to you, becoming a good singer is not, for most people, an easy task. It will require a commitment of one's self. If you are not willing to work, you should probably not even waste your time, because you will not improve magically just by taking lessons. However, if you are serious about improving your singing voice, and want a knowledgeable teacher, Saul definitely has the background and approach to provide you with this opportunity.

Roger Whitus

A remarkable improvement in my voice

I Thought I was Tone Deaf

I began playing guitar about 5 years ago and quickly realized that in order to get the full enjoyment I needed to sing as well. Unfortunately I was convinced I was tone deaf. I was embarrassed to sing in front of my own children.

I had the privilege to play handbells under Saul's direction several years earlier and had heard that he did voice training. I was skeptical that I could be taught but wanted desperately to be able to sing. I have been training with Saul for about 18 months now and there is a remarkable improvement in my voice. Not only do I sing in front of my own children, but in front of complete strangers. An unexpected benefit is that I find I have more confidence in general because the training has improved my natural speaking voice.

Saul is an encouraging teacher with a knack for pushing me just enough to keep me moving forward but not so much that I get discouraged and give up. If you have a strong desire to sing but lack the confidence, I recommend giving Mr. Fox a call.

Cindy Rich