The Key to Vocal Success – Avoid Vocal Abuse

Just like any sport, singing takes dedication, exercise, and the right coach to guide you along the way to stardom! Too many times there are “self-proclaimed” singers boasting in their good vocal technique, claiming their way is the right way to exercising their voice, adamant and even defensive at the suggestion that in fact they are actually harming their voices. Although sometimes their paths lead to success, too many times, if not every time, it also leads them down the path of vocal abuse. Though not talked about too much in the media if you were to do a simple search of popular singers who have abused their voices you would be shocked at everything they’ve had to go through: hiatuses from tours, vocal surgeries, and even some of their careers ending because their voices just took to much abuse! Why go that way if you don’t have too? If only some of them were to have taken the time to find a great vocal coach that could tell them how to exercise healthily and effectively. The number one cause of vocal abuse is pushing one side of your voice without first developing and balancing out the other side. You have two muscles to your voice, and two basic adjustments those muscles make; the high notes are called head voice, and the low notes are called chest voice. In order to sing healthily you need to bring balance to both these muscles and their adjustments, there’s just no other way around it! Let me give you a simple demonstration. Let’s say that you wanted to walk around the block like you do every day, but you had a broken foot; even if you were determined to walk, and were blindly confident in doing so, what would happen when you finally made the attempt to walk? You would fall! Even when the other leg is not the one being moved, you need the other for support. It’s the same way with your vocal folds. If one side of your voice is stronger than the other, that stronger one will carry way too much weight, and you won’t be able to reach those notes that you need to sing with ease and healthy vocal function. Getting a great vocal coach to guide you in balancing out your voice is key! So what are you waiting for? Start singing lesson with an experienced vocal coach at Fox Music today!