Voice Lesson FAQs

What style of music do you teach in your voice lessons?

Voice Lessons are beneficial for any style of singing. We train singers for pop, rock, country, gospel, contemporary Christian, traditional church music, R&B, jazz, as well as Broadway, opera, oratorio, art song and choral work, and just about any style of music in which beautiful singing is important. In our singing lessons we focus on exercises and music that leads to the development of an effortless, beautiful, and powerful tone that is flexible and controlled, from the lowest note to the highest note within a very wide singing range. Students should understand that some styles lend themselves to this goal more than other styles. It is the long-term results of vocal study that can be applied to any style of music.

How can you teach vocal development?

The voice is produced by a set of muscles that needs to be developed, coordinated, and refined. We develop a voice just as an athlete develops his/her physical skill or a body builder builds and tones his/her muscles. In order to develop muscles, those muscles must be exercised regularly and vigorously enough gain strength, but not so much as to abuse the voice. The amount of exercise to do, and the way to exercise differs with each singer. During the voice lessons we work together to create an exercise routine for your voice. The exercise routine changes as your ability gradually increases. As students progress, we apply the developing skills learned in singing lessons to music.

All of this sounds difficult to me. I just want to have a good time. Is that possible?

Absolutely. We teach singers of all abilities and aspirations. Some people are driven for success, and we are here to help them go as far as they can. Other people just want to have fun and see what happens. We’re happy to help you either way. We’ve had singers enroll in voice lessons to get the leads in school plays, compliment acting skills, become a professional singer, build confidence on and off the stage, to do just as a hobby, and even one student that took lessons to improve his voice in order to propose to his wife in song! (She said yes!) The list goes one. Improving your singing increases your enjoyment of life no matter what your goal is.

Do you teach beginners?

We love to teach beginners because they come to us without preconceived ideas about how to sing. Very often a beginner can make faster progress than an experienced singer, because the experienced singer must break old habits before he/she can improve.

Do you teach children?

Yes. Our singing lessons offer children an excellent introduction to vocal instruction. We offer a pre-school program open to children ages 3 and up called Mini Music Makers. In our Mini Music Makers program they will explore rhythm, timbre, musical form, aural skills, melodies and harmonies! We also offer a elementary vocal program for children ages 7-11 called Singing Stars. In our Singing Stars program, they learn proper vocal technique and how to sing in a healthy way – ensuring that they are able to do what they love with out hurting their voice for the rest of their lives! Our Singing Stars programs also teach performance skills, self-esteem, and confidence both on and off the stage.

I think I’m tone deaf. Can you help me?

Though out more than thirty years of teaching, many people have come to us believing they were tone deaf (unable to hear the difference in pitches). Out of thousands of students, we’ve can’t remember any who were really “tone deaf”. Usually pitch problems are the result of a muscular imbalance or a need to learn to listen in the right way. Most people can develop the ability to sing in tune but it takes hard work, determination, and patience.

I don’t know if I’m good enough to take voice lessons. Do you think it’s worth it?

Every voice can improve with proper training. You won’t know how good you can get unless you try it. Many students have started voice lessons very dissatisfied with their singing abilities and discovered wonderful voices hiding inside.

How long will it take to train my voice?

This question is like a weight lifter asking how long will it take to build his/her body. Much depends on how hard you work at it. A lot depends on your ability when you start, and more importantly, where you want to go. Not everyone wants to win a body building championship, and not everyone wants to sing at the Met. Many people find impressive results within 6 months. Vocal study can last a lifetime. Generally speaking, vocal development is a long-term process. If you are hoping for big results in a few weeks, try something else.

Why should I study with you?

Education and experience speak for themselves. When you compare our credentials to those of most voice teachers, the difference is clear. But practically speaking, the only way to evaluate a voice teacher is by the results of his/her teaching. See Testimonials. Unfortunately, you can’t know this ahead of time, and you could waste many months finding out for yourself. After six months of study, results should be obvious. If there isn’t significant, objective, and measurable growth in terms of range, power, and control, you should consider the voice lessons ineffective. There can be only two reasons for this: 1) the student isn’t doing what he/she was instructed to do, or 2) the teacher doesn’t know how to guide the student properly. All of us have busy lives these days, and convenience is certainly important. But, if you want real vocal growth, not just playing around, study with the best voice teacher you can find. Give yourself every opportunity for success at Fox Music Greenbrier.

How do I get started?

Just call us today or fill out the form today and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!