Voice Lessons for Children

Voice Lessons for Children   How great are the kids on shows like America’s Got Talent or American Idol, who can sing, dance and entertain at such a young age? Pretty impressive, aren’t they? And what makes them so impressive? Only talent? No, not really.   While talent is never a bad thing to have, regular coaching and meticulous practice are the real contributors to success. The sooner you start, the longer you have to practice and perfect your trade. Fox Music of Virginia Beach provides group voice lessons for children from Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and all of Hampton Roads, in an attempt to provide them an early start. The lessons are open for children aged seven and above.   Voice lessons and holistic development   It is not uncommon to find parents who enroll their kids in voice lessons for children with the aim of performing in talent shows. And while the idea may sound lucrative, may we point out other benefits of voice lessons?   Voice lessons for children are a great way of introducing children to vocal instruction. Voice lessons help children understand how to expand their vocal range, prevent vocal chords from being damaged, and learn breathing techniques for singing. At Fox Music of Virginia Beach we begin with voice-building drills aimed at helping children exercise their voices correctly.   Children are given lessons in a group setting to build their social skills.  They learn the importance of companionship and team building. After the introductory voice-building exercises, they are taught songs and the techniques of singing together as a group. This helps the shy children overcome their nervousness of expressing themselves in front of others. We start from group lessons to help children overcome their shyness.   Once they are comfortable with singing in the group, each child is encouraged to take the stage as a solo performer. Our teachers go the extra mile to ensure their lessons remain full filled and pressure free.