You’re Probably Not Tone Deaf – Here’s Why

In singing lessons at Fox Music in Chesapeake, you will learn all about your instrument! Have you ever had trouble reaching certain notes, or felt like something wasn’t “right” while trying to vocalize? Sometimes this can be referred to as “pitchiness”, and it happens to many people! Have you ever been told that you’re “tone-deaf”? This is most likely not true! When being off pitch becomes a significant issue for a vocalists, many people just assume that they cannot sing. Sometimes when you first start singing lessons, you have not developed a strong enough musical ear to hear that you are singing off pitch. Learning to listen needs an extremely qualified teacher to guide you, as well as your own commitment to practice and perseverance. Listening is not the most common problem, however. Singing off pitch is mostly because of weak vocal muscles. When your vocal muscles are weak, it is hard to get them to coordinate in the way that you want them to. Without the right amount of muscular strength, your voice can’t respond to the commands your brain gives to it. This seems like a big problem, but it actually starts to disappear quickly once you start your vocal exercises! People who haven’t had singing lessons usually have some sort of pitch problems that seem like they’re random. Some notes might be in the right place while other notes are too high or too low. When your pitch issues are random, the cure for that is usually muscular development, learning to listen, or some sort of combination of the two! If there are experienced performers who have pitch issues and it’s a consistent problem, you will almost always be lead to muscular development. If you are under pitch, you usually need more head voice. If you are over pitch, you usually need more chest voice. This is just a glimpse into all the wonderful tools you will learn in singing lessons at Fox Music of Chesapeake!